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Help for version 0.8

Contents of this file:
  1. Setting up the program
    1. Set the language
    2. Set e-mail user settings
  2. Composing e-mail
    1. Selecting the recipients
    2. Importing recipients from Outlook
    3. Entering message
    4. Adding attachments
  3. Sending e-mail
    1. Logging
  4. Registering the program
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Questions
  8. Updates
  9. How can you help?

Setting up the program
Set the language
The program supports two languages, English and Slovenian. To change the language select 'Language' from the main menu and select 'English' or 'Slovenski'. You can also change language by clicking appropriate icons on the main toolbar.

Set e-mail user settings
The most important task is to correctly set the user e-mail settings. If these setting are wrong, the program most likely won't be able to send any e-mails.
You can set the settings by selecting 'Settings' from the mail menu or by clicking the 'Change user settings' icon in the toolbar. A new window will open, allowing you to enter the details about you and your e-mail account. Enter your name and your e-mail address. These two will be seen to the recipient of each message that you send. Then enter the information about your e-mail account. Enter the address of your outgoing mail server (SMTP server) and the port that it uses (default is 25, but you can change it). In the 'User Name' field enter the user name that is used to connect to the outgoing mail server. Note that SMTP server that you use mustn't demand user authentication with a digital certificate or password. If your SMTP server demands a password, you will have to select another provider in order to use the program. If you don't know this data or if you aren't sure if it is correct please ask your internet service provider (ISP) for help.
In the 'Character set' field you can enter the desired character set, in which all e-mails will be sent. Note: this is valid only for message body, not for the Subject.
If your SMTP server uses some advanced spam control, you can avoid flushing th eserver by setting the 'Delay between mails' field. By setting this field you tell the program to wait before sending another e-mail message. The value has to be entered in seconds. Default is 0 seceonds, which means that the next e-mail will be sent right after the one before. If this setting works for you, keep it.

Composing e-mail
Selecting the recipients
You can input the recipients in more then one way:
  • Enter them one by one into the 'To:' field. Make sure that the address is correct. When you enter it, press Enter key or 'To:' button so that the address will more to the upper field.
  • Load a list from file. The file has to be text file in which there are only e-mail addresses. Each address should be in separate line and there should be no empty lines in the list.
You can delete recipents from the list as well. Select a recipient and press 'Del' key on your keyboard. If you want to delete all the recipients from the list, right click on th elist and select 'Remove all addresses' from the popo-up menu. Alternative way of doing the same is by selecting 'Clear recipient list' from the 'File' menu.

If you want to save the created list for next use, you can do that as well. From the main menu select 'File' and 'Save recipient list'. The list will be saved as plain text file to the file and folder of your choice.

Importing recipients from Outlook:
If you have your contacts in Outlook it is possible to export them so that you can use them in Mihov Mail Sender. Follow the procedure below:
1. Open Outlook.
2. Open Address book (Tools->Address Book)
3. Select File->Export->Address Book on the mail menu
4. Click on Text file (comma separated values) and then on the Export button
5. Click on the 'browse' button where you will see in which folder you will save the file.
6. Enter a filename, for example 'emails.txt' - remember in which folder you saved it!!!
7. Under a file name there should be an option to select File type - select Text file (*.txt)!
7a. If the program asks you (or gives you an option) select something like 'one contact per line' or 'each contact in separate line'
8. Select only the field e-mail. Other fields must be unchecked for proper export (even field Name!).
9. Click on the finish button.

Now the address book should be properly exported. Now you run Mihov Mail Sender and
1. Click on the icon with a folder and '@' sign (Or 'File->Open recipient file' from the main menu).
2. Select the file that you saved before (email.txt)
3. The addresses should be listed above the To: filed.
4. Move to the first address by scrolling up - if it is not an address but something like the text 'e-mail address' then click on it once (to select it) and press 'Del' on your keyboard.

If you are using another mail client you can use similar procedure then described above, just follow the user manual or help file to achieve the same goals.

Entering message
First enter the subject of the message in the 'Subject:' field. Then enter the message itself to the filed bellow. You can write plain text messages (recommended) or choose to send HTML formatted messages. Choose this by selecting 'Send message as' property right to the 'Subject' field. Please note that if you wish to send HTML messages you have to write them in HTML. Copying and pasting already formatted text is not supported and will result in funny looking plain text. If you want to preview what you have written in a browser, select 'File' and 'Preview HTML message'. The message will open in your default browser.

Another way of inputing the message is by opening a text file from your hard disk. Go to main menu 'File' and 'Open message file'. You will be prompted to browse for a text file.

The text you have written can be saved to a text file as well. Navigate to main menu 'File' and 'Save message' and select the desired file name and folder where you want to save the file.

Adding attachments
You can add one attachment per message. Simply click 'Add attachment' button and browse the file you want to add to the message. File name of the selected file will be printed out next to the 'Add attachment' button and it can not be edited. If you want to remove the selected attachment, click the 'X' icon next to the file name.
Please note that if you delete, move or renamethe file that you have attached before you send the message the file will not be sent with the e-mail.

Sending e-mail
When the recipients, the message and an attachment are OK, you can simply send the message by clicking the 'Send' button in the main toolbar or by selecting 'File' and 'Send message' in the main menu. A new window will open where you will be able to track the e-mails as they are being sent.

The program automatically logs all the activity to a log. Log consists of date and time of the event and e-mail address of each mail being sent. The log is stored in the program folder (the same folder where you selected to install the program) under the name of 'log.txt'. The log is plain text file, so you can open and examine it even with Notepad or another simple text editor.

Registering the program
Mihov Mail Sender is shareware. This means that you may test it for 30 days. After 30 days you have to register the program (buy it) or remove it from your computer. You can register the program online via a secure server. You can find a link with more information at http://www.mailsender.info/order.php or directly at the SWREG service, that handles registration via this link: https://www.swreg.org/soft_shop/2981/shopscr15.shtml.

The program can return several error messages that should help you identify the problem and solve it. The error messages will be written to the status bar of the program.

Connection failed.
1. You are not connected to the internet.
Connect to the internet first, than try to send messages!
2. You typed the information wrong.
Double-check the settings!
3. You are behind firewall (proxy server).
The program does not support proxys. Sorry.
4. Your mail server needs password user authentication.
The program does not support such servers at this time!

Recipient not found.
Sometimes your mail server refuses the message because the recipient wasn't found in his internal directory. It means that it knows, that this address doesn't exist (or couldn't exist) and it refuses the message right away, even before it could get sent and before it would bounce back to your inbox as usualy. When this happens the program cancels all activities which means it stops sending other messages, too. To fix this, delete the 'wrong' address and continue sending the messages.

You can find answers to your questions in the on-line forum located at http://forum.mihov.com.

You can download the latest version of the program from the programs web page located at http://www.mailsender.info . If you would like to try other programs written by me, check my freeware web page at http://www.mihov.com/sw/ . On this address you can also find the program description in many other languages.

I am keeping a list of users e-mail addresses and when a new version or update comes out I send everyone a short note. If you want to subscribe to the list go to http://www.mailsender.info/list.php and enter your real e-mail address.
If you want to check if you are using the latest version of the program check the programs web page or visit the update center at http://update.mihov.com.

How can you help?

  1. Spread the word about the program.
    • If you know someone who might need such a program, send them the link to the programs web site at http://www.mailsender.info/ and suggest them to download the program.
    • If you know a publisher of a computer magazine or if you are one, suggest publishing a review of the program in the magazine.
  2. To save my time, more experienced users can help users who encounter problems. Log into the forum at http://forum.mihov.com and try to answer some questions. This way you will be known as an 'expert' and you will feel good that you can help someone who needs help.
  3. Send me a postcard and tell me that you appreciate what I do (you can get my address here ). You can also send me a real letter and add your picture in there! But please don't send me e-cards or e-mails since my mailbox is already full all the time - if you want to say thanks on-line, use the forum.

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