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Software for sending personal e-mails

Screenshot of Mihov Mail Sender
Mihov Mail Sender is a program for sending the same e-mail message to more people without them knowing that they were not the only one who that mail was ment for.

Did you ever wish you could send the same e-mail to several people without them knowing that they are not the only one who got it? With mailing list program Mihov Mail Sender this is possible now; you can send as many e-mails as you want at once!

Mihov Mail Sender sends the same e-mail message to more people from your address book - but it displays only their name as recipient, so they will think this mail is ment only for them. You can send message as text or HTML formatted e-mail and you can add your own attachments to the message. The program uses your normal SMTP mail server for sending messages and does not require an additional server. It is possible to set a delay between each e-mail is sent so you can safely avoid being blocked by a mail server because of flooding.

Mihov Mail Sender is great both for personal invitations and business proposals and it also helps maintaining mailing lists and keeping privacy. That is making it the best email sender available.

When first running the program, please note:
When first running the program, you'll be probably asked if you want to block Mihov Mail Sender from internet access. If you see this question, you have to answer 'Unblock' if you want the program to work. If you don't see this question or if you answer 'Keep blocking' then the program will probably not work and will show you 'Connect failed' message!

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